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Some Bad News From The Creator of Tough Guys

2015-09-21 11:47:54 by JoeKlein

Hey all. Hope you're well. My name is Joe Klein.

I am the creator of a series of cartoons called Tough Guys which has appeared on this site. I have enjoyed my time here and the response my cartoons have gotten. I am not a professional animator, just a guy in an apartment who really enjoys making funny things that bring enjoyment to others. When I started making these cartoons, I finally felt like I had found something that I was good at and enjoyed doing, and I looked forward to continuing to learn more and grow as an artist.

Unfortunately, on Friday of last week, while I was at my day job and my girlfriend was out of the apartment, some people broke in and stole much of our valuables. They took all of my girlfriends jewelry and both of our computers, and some other stuff as well. Thankfully, they left our dog, who was alone in the apartment at the time. She is safe but scared, and now becomes agitated when left alone.

The computer contained all my animations and everything I was working on, drawings, screenplays, short stories, pictures, some of which were not backed up. I had just bought this computer in the past year to further my animation and to create videos, it was the best one I could afford.

It pains me to do this but my girlfriend's sister has set up a Gofundme page to help us get back some of the stuff we lost. I would appreciate any help you could give. If you liked my cartoons and want to help the link is below. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a great day.




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2015-09-21 11:57:02

So sorry to hear and I hope lots of people chip in!

When you get your new computer, try setting up a Dropbox account; you get a decent amount of free storage. You can also back up important FLA files in your NG dump space if that helps. Sometimes when you lose data and have to redo it, the result is way better than the original anyway. Think of this as clearing your head of some noise and re-focusing on the most important items you were working on!

For your existing episodes you can probably de-compile the SWF files if you ever want to change things. Bummer about the unfinished, unseen material though :(

JoeKlein responds:

Thanks for the response, Tom! We're definitely going to be more wary of everything in the future. You never think it'll happen to you until it does. Hopefully, we'll be able to replace the essential stuff soon and I can get back to work.


2015-09-21 21:48:40

Raw deal, dude. I'm a criminal justice student and I can tell you that sadly those types of crimes are very infrequently solved, though it's always worth a shot from the victim's standpoint. It's also always daytime, when folks are at work, in contrast to how most folks figure it'd happen at night.

I'm just really, really glad that you guys and the dog are safe. That could have gone way worse and I'm happy it didn't. Best of luck to you and I'll still be looking forward to more of your work!


2015-09-21 22:59:31



2015-11-05 19:18:25

This sucks. Best wishes.


2016-02-11 10:18:18

Sorry to hear, but glad to see the funding seems to have worked out at least, some pretty hefty donations in that list! Hope things are getting back to better.