Entry #2

First Cartoon Since My Computer Was Stolen!

2016-04-05 17:55:16 by JoeKlein

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for your support when my apartment was robbed, many moons ago. We have been able to replace everything that was replace-able and I finally was able to get back in the cartooning saddle, though it took awhile as we ended up having to move apartments and get settled in a new place. Unfortunately it made more sense to me to start a new series since I lost all the things I had already drawn for Tough Guys, so for now, Tough Guys is no more.

Here's what I came up with: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/672871

Hope you enjoy!



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2016-04-05 19:49:15

I watched it earlier today and really enjoyed it. Hoping to see it on frontpage soon.


2016-04-06 10:22:50

You're the best, man.


2016-04-06 13:16:26

Great stuff, glad to see you back in action!